Whether at a restaurant or a retail store, consumers are increasingly demanding traceability and higher quality standards when it comes to the fresh produce they buy and consume. By improving on traditional methods of sourcing fresh produce, ADX becomes your direct link to our carefully selected local farmers, ensuring you get only the highest quality.


We’re committed to offering fair and competitive prices, not only for you as the buyer but also for the farmer, determined and adjusted according to seasonality and availability


Our large network of farmers allows ADX to ensure a consistent supply of fresh produce, keeping in mind that nature is the one variable we cannot completely control


From organic certification to meeting GAP standards for production, all produce is subject to multiple quality checks and steps to ensure optimal quality


Product availability is updated daily, as needed, ensuring the shortest possible turnaround times while still upholding our values and commitment to superior service

ADX has nurtured an extensive network of small and emerging farmers in and around Gauteng. This not only makes it possible for us to source closer to home, which maintains quality by reducing time required for transportation and storage, it also enables us to support and develop young and more established farmers alike.