At ADX we’re constantly working on innovative new ways to make our process even more convenient for our customers. We’re dedicated to delivering top quality service at affordable prices, in ways that best suit the needs of your business.

Ordering Process

Through our technology, we are able to quickly adapt to changes on the fly. We can keep track of conditions in the field and quickly communicate any changes to you.
By providing a live view of available products - with pricing – you’ll never have to deal with limited quantities or out of stock disclaimers. If we have it, you can buy it. If we don’t, you won’t be able to see it.
You click, we pick. Easy.

Sourcing Fresh

You’ll notice we don’t list stock quantities in our store. This minimises the stock we keep because we firmly believe in the old, time-tested method of storage - on the vine or in the ground. There is still no better way of keeping things fresh.
ADX has an exclusive partnership with Urban Fresh, who manages the sourcing process, from beginning to end. Not only do they ensure quality standards for all produce packed, they also support farmers in maintaining sustainable production methods - all of which translates into great quality.


Owning a fleet of trucks is big business but that’s not what we’re about. To ensure our deliveries are fast, flexible and fresh, we use Droppa.
Droppa gives us access to hundreds of micro businesses to collect and fulfil deliveries, maximising our delivery schedule without the need for an extensive or expensive fleet of trucks that needs to be optimised for delivery. This means produce spends less time on the road, resulting in better quality.
To maintain the high quality standards our customers know and trust, all vehicles and drivers are vetted to ensure no contamination occurs en route.

Bringing it all together

At ADX we understand the value of community and do everything possible to nurture and support our network of skilled and capable partners. We believe that using a partnership model from ‘farmer to plate’ has allowed ADX to achieve incredible market growth, while maintaining high levels of customer service and product standards.
Using a partnership model from farmer to plate has allowed ADX to grow much faster than anyone else, we understand the value of community and do everything possible to share the value of a network of skilled and capable partners